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Our Journey

We combine physiotherapy practice with playtime.

About Moti Me


We are designing a physio product targeted towards children with additional needs and primarily designed as a physiotherapy aid. We want to help children reach key milestones through exciting activities, by encouraging them to practice physiotherapy in a fun way.


What the Product Does


The product stimulates the development of core physical skills such as coordination, muscle strength, and range of motion through playful interaction. Physiotherapy exercises can be incorporated into playful activities including sit and reach, balancing, 4-point, torso movement, core strength, and tummy time.

Our Philosophy


Moti Me believe that all children should have equal opportunities. Many toys have been designed for children with an 'average' level of ability. This means that many children are having to adapt to the toy and will not be able to interact with it properly. Toys should be suitable for all children; at Moti Me, we strive to ensure our products can be enjoyed and used by children of all abilities.

Achievements to Date


- Leicestershire Innovations Shortlisted in two catergories 2023

Loughborough University Start-up Fund winner 2021 & 2022

- Evolve Program winner 2021

- Future Founders winner 2021

Meet the Founder


Founder and Designer
Katie Michaels

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"I have always loved working with children. The opportunity to design products to help others is a dream."

Katie graduated in 2020 at Loughborough University from the Industrial Design and Technology course.

Since then, Katie has set-up Moti Me and is currently developing the first product.


From a young age, Katie has loved working with children and looking after her little cousins! She has participated in lots of volunteer work with children who have additional needs.


This work has inspired the Moti Me Family.

We are working with healthcare professionals

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