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Katie Michaels

Founder of Moti Me


My inspiration for wanting to design products which help children with leaning difficulties came from
having a cousin who has cerebral palsy.

I wanted to create something to support his development. I have always loved working with children. The opportunity to design products which can help others is
my passion and my dream.”

portrait of Moti Me founder Katie Michaels
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Loughborough University Industrial Design

   and Technology BA course. Graduated in 2020
Founded Moti Me in 2021

   Currently developing the first product



 Ingenuity Impact awards. Health Champion 2023

 Generation Next awards. Short-listed in two categories 2023

 Leicestershire Innovations. Short-listed in two categories 2023
 Loughborough University Start-up Fund. Winner 2021 & 2022
 Evolve Program. Winner 2021
 Future Founders. Winner 2021

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