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12 Days of Disability Awareness Day 4: Muscular Dystrophy 🌟

Muscular dystrophy (also known as MD) is a group of inherited genetic conditions where the muscles gradually weaken, leading to an increased level of disability.

MD is a progressive condition therefore it will gradually worsen over time. MD will often start with a particular muscle group and then will spread to other muscles with time. There is no cure for MD, however treatment can help with the symptoms.

Some symptoms for muscular dystrophy may include:

- Frequent falling

- Difficulty rising from a lying or sitting position

- Trouble running or jumping

- Muscle pain and stiffness

- Walking on the toes

- Learning disabilities

There are many different types of muscular dystrophy and each one has different symptoms. Not all of the types cause severe disabilities and not all of them will affect life expectancy.

To learn more about the different types of muscular dystrophies, check out the NHS website!

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