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Lorenza & Eliza - Feature Friday! 📢

It's that time where we share an inspirational page to promote their story. I discovered this special page when I saw their interview on BBC news and was immediately compelled to get in-touch.

I cannot wait for you to hear their story too! Introducing..

“Hi we Lorenza & Eliza.

Eliza is a 6 year old girl who has CHARGE syndrome. CHARGE syndrome is a rare & complex condition which affects her severely in many ways including her breathing, mobility, senses, eating & hearing. Eliza is deaf & had a tracheostomy tube, due to this Eliza & myself has learnt British Sign Language/Sign supported English to communicate.

During Lockdown Eliza's tracheostomy tube put her at a higher risk of respiratory infections which meant as a high risk individual we had no choice but to shield her through the early stages of Covid.

Whilst shielding with the guidance, support & generosity of a family friend, we have created an app to share basic sign language with the uk. 'Eliza says' app is Available to download now.

Together our aim is to break down some of the communication barriers which children & adults face in their daily life, to inspire everyone of all ages & abilities to learn some sign and mainly to promote inclusion for everyone.

This also lead onto me setting up classes to teach basic sign language.

You can follow our journey on Instagram

@chargeonwardsandupwards or Facebook Elizasays"

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