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Step and Learn Charity - Feature Friday! 📢

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We have recently connected with a wonderful charity whose work is completely dedicated to helping children reach their full potential. We found them very inspiring and thought alot of our followers would too! They have been offering full conductive education sessions since 2012, so feel free to get in-touch with them!

Without further ado, we are very happy to introduce you to...

"Step and Learn is a UK registered charity (Registered Charity No. 1148686) that has been offering free Conductive Education sessions for children with different motor disorders since 2012. Our charity is dedicated to help these children to reach their full potential.

Conductive Education is not a treatment or therapy, but a way of life. People with disabilities frequently spend much of their time being assessed for what they ‘cannot do’ rather than what potential they have. At Step and Learn we observe this potential in each child and nurture their development and devise structured programmes to enable success.

Step and Learn promotes a setting that is fun, active, stimulating and diverse. All children are engaged in activities which aim to bring out their full potential."

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