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Our product motivates children to
practice physiotherapy exercises

Trial a Moti Me prototype!

At Moti Me we are designing a physio product for children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy.


Our innovative, patented product is designed as a physiotherapy aid

to help children with learning and movement disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

We want to help children reach key milestones through exciting activities,

by encouraging them to practice physiotherapy in a fun way.

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“Motivates children to move in new ways and improve gross and fine motor movements.”

Abbie Steady - School deputy

Ashmount School, Loughborough

"We developed our product in collaboration

with healthcare professionals”

We collaborated with several skilled physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and healthcare professionals who specialise in working with children to develop our fun physio toy. The professionals have extensive experience in carrying out physiotherapy exercises with children to help them achieve their key developmental milestones. Developing key physical skills is crucial for a child from birth to the age of 5. These skills may comprise core strength, torso movements, balance, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Physiotherapy centre connected with Moti Me physio toy to help user test our prototype aid with disabled children.
Physiotherapy centre connected with Moti Me physio product to help user test our prototype device with sensory children.
Conductive Education STEPS charity connected with Moti Me physio toy to help user test our prototype aid with disabled children.
Physiotherapy centre connected with Moti Me physiotherapy toy to help user test our prototype aid with SEN kids.
Charity Conductive Education Centre testing Moti Me physio toy to help user test our prototype aid with disabled kids and babies.
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How does Moti Me benefit children?

Increases core strength and torso movements

Expands range of motion

Builds muscle strength

Improves balancing coordination

Improves fine motor skills Moti Me is a conductive education product. It helps children with disabilities by improving their mobility, coordination and communication skills.

Which children benefit from using Moti Me?

Early-years children Children with additional needs Any young child!

What does our fun physio toy consist of?

The product is a device that stimulates the development of core physical skills such as

coordination, muscle strength, and range of motion through playful interaction.

Physiotherapy exercises can be incorporated into playful activities including sit and reach,

balancing, 4-point, torso movement, core strength and tummy time.

Here's how we can support you and your child


Helping children

reach milestones

The toy-like product will help children to associate exercise with fun instead of it feeling like a chore.


Adaptable and


We have deeply considered our design to ensure it is suitable for a range of abilities and age ranges.


We make physio fun

and engaging

Moti Me's physiotherapy disability aid uses sensory interaction to keep the child entertained and engaged during exercises.


Our product is


Moti Me's product  incorporated learning into our product to maintain engagement and develop new skills during physio.


Physio guidance for parents or carers

Our fun physio toy for children provides guidance and support through exercises for the child's parents.

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Track and monitor your child's progress

We are designing a system so that you can keep a record of what your child practices and what their physiotherapy goals are.

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