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"Our goal is to help children achieve their
developmental milestones."

We are designing a product that supports physiotherapy practice at home and in sessions for children with additional needs.

Our product helps children to achieve their developmental milestones from sitting to crawling to walking.


Moti Me is a physio product that supports:

- Core Strength & Torso Movements

- Balancing & Range of Motion​​

Fine Motor Skills & Coordination

Founder of Moti Me

I'm Katie, the founder of Moti Me!

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What the product does


Our goal is to help children of all abilities

"I started Moti Me when my little cousin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is my inspiration.

I am a part of the Loughborough University Studio Program where we get guidance throughout the process of starting a business.

We are currently testing our prototypes with numerous healthcare professionals across the country."

Our goal is to help children of all abilities

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